We examine food stuffs, dietary supplements, clinical and enteral nutrition. The following examples demonstrate the scope of our business activities:

  • Vitamins
    We analyze naturally occurring and supplemental vitamins by LC-MS-MS.
  • Amino acids
    Analysis of both free and protein-bound amino acids, the latter after specific hydrolysis, using an amino acid analyzer.
  • Mineral compounds and trace elements
    The elements are analysed after microwave digestion by ICP-MS or atomic absorption spectrometry. 
  • Carbohydrates:
    This heterogenic group of substances is mainly analyzed by ion exchange chromatography. On the other hand, dietary fiber is analyzed photometrically, and functional components like β-glucans are analyzed by LC-RI.
  • Fatty acids
    The fatty acid profile (including omega-fatty acids) is determined by gas chromatography.

The scope of our business activities further includes:

  • Migration tests of food packaging
    We design migration studies with realistic conditions bearing in mind the corresponding legislation using standardized migration cells and sophisticated analytical methodology. 
  • Product Certification
    We certify your products, so that you can mark them with a promotionally effective seal of quality.
  • Development and validation of product-specific analytical methods
    We develop and validate new analytical methods, or adapt existing methods to meet specific customers’ requirements.