Amino Acids

The determination of free or hydrolytically released amino acids using an amino acid analyzer is a complex analytical methodology requiring long experience in hydrolytic sample preparation and chromatographic separation.
Based on our established competence, we examine various preparations (e.g. infusion solutions and cell culture media) for batch release and shelf-life testing.

To gain a complete amino acid profile of a protein, it is crucial to apply different hydrolysis procedures to avoid poor recovery caused by degradation reactions.

alkaline hydrolysis

acid or oxidative hydrolysis

acidic hydrolysis
all other
proteinogenic amino acids

We are one of the few laboratories applying amino acid analysis as regulated by the European Pharmacopoeia (method 1 or 4 of Ph. Eur. 2.2.56). We do not substitute ”equivalent“ analytical methods that might have to be validated individually and thus result in additional cost to you. The European Pharmacopoeia requires the determination of amino acids using an amino acid analyzer following acidic hydrolysis.
In phytopharmaceuticals, free or bound amino acids can serve as marker substances for the assay of the active pharmaceutical extract.