About us

The Institut Kuhlmann was founded by Fritz Kuhlmann in 1970 as an autonomous, independent contract laboratory. No other companies or institutions are involved.
In 2003, the Institut Kuhlmann moved into modern laboratory premises. The laboratory provides 1200 m² of space and is equipped with the latest analytical instrumentation, information and communications technology.


Dr. rer. nat. 
Bernd Kuhlmann 

Food Chemist 
Managing Director 

Christiane Kuhlmann
Consulting / Controlling
Bookkeeping, Personnel
Dörte Gräßer
Food Chemist
Managing Director

Our Team
Our team consists of 55 employees, including 9 chemists with Ph.D. and another 12 chemists with advanced degrees (M.S./diploma).

Our Strengths
We address customer-specific analytical questions using sophisticated analytical methodology. In the  process, we constantly develop and validate new analytical methods, or adapt existing methods to meet  specific customers’ requirements.

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