Analytical Instrumentation

Mass spectrometry
Quadrupole Time-Of-Flight system (Agilent Technologies LC-QTOF 6530)
Triple Quadrupole-MS system (Agilent Technologies 6410)
Triple Quadrupole-MS system (Agilent Technologies 6490)

jet stream, electrospray- and
APCI ion sources
Liquid chromatography
Ultra-HPLC systems (Agilent Technologies 1290 Series)
Rapid Resolution HPLC systems (Agilent Technologies 1200 Series)
HPLC systems (Agilent Technologies 1100 Series)
Flexcube (Agilent Technologies) for online enrichment

DAD-, FLD- and
Gas chromatography
GC systems (Agilent Technologies GC-MSD 7890A/5975C)
with headspace sampler

MS- and
Other chromatographic systems
Amino acid analyzers (Sykam S 433)
Ion chromatograph (Dionex ICS-3000)
Ion chromatograph (Dionex ICS-1600)

conductivity and
electrochemical detection
Elemental analysis
ICP-MS-system (Agilent Technologies 7900 with octopole reaction system)
Atomic absorption spectrometer (Perkin-Elmer AAnalyst 400)
FT-IR (Bruker Alpha) with ATR device
Double beam photometer (PerkinElmer Lambda 35)
Special equipment
Dissolution tester (Sotax AT 7smart)
Disintegration tester (Pharmatest PTZ S)
Stereo microscope (Zeiss Stemi 2000-C)
Karl-Fischer titrator (Metrohm Titrando 841 with Thermoprep oven KF 860) including oven method
Climatic exposure test cabinets (Binder KBF 720)
Equipment for environmental analysis
Total Organic Carbon analyzer (Shimadzu TOC-L) with TNM-L device
AOX analyzer (Mitsubishi TOX-100)