Our range of environmental services primarily includes the analysis of the chemical, physiochemical and microbiological parameters of drinking water. In addition to the analysis of routine chemical parameters, we can also perform the analysis of specific analytes (e.g., drug residuals) in drinking water.

We have the permission to work with pathogens according to ยง 44 of the Infection Protection Act, and therefore are able to analyze all microbiological parameters (e.g., Legionella species) that are important in water analysis.

We regularly advise and monitor public utilities, municipal waterworks, industrial plants, and private water supplies, in particular according to the requirements of the Drinking Water and Raw Water Analysis Ordinance.

Furthermore, we check wastewater for compliance with threshold values, for example, for the discharge of wastewater into public wastewater systems which requires prior approval. An additional important point: Our specially trained staff is available to carry out the sampling, which is an additional important point prior to sample analysis.