Amino acids

The analysis of free amino acids or those released after hydrolysis using an amino acid analyzer is a complex procedure that requires many years of experience with this method. We test a large number of preparations – including infusion solutions, cell culture media, and dietary supplements – for their amino acid content.

Different hydrolysis treatments are required to obtain the complete amino acid profile of a protein:

Alkaline hydrolysisOxidative acidic hydrolysis Acidic hydrolysis
TryptophanCystineAll other proteinogenic
amino acids

We are one of the few laboratories that can offer you amino acid analysis in accordance with the requirements of the European Pharmacopeia. This means that we do not have to rely on alternative analytical methods, for which the suitability must be proven in each individual case. After hydrolysis (according to method 1 or 4, chapter 2.2.56 of the Ph. Eur.), the amino acids are quantified using an amino acid analyser.

In herbal medicinal products, free or bound amino acids can be used as key substances for determining the content of the active extract.