Analytical Instrumentation

Mass spectrometry

Quadrupole time-of-flight LC/MS system (Agilent Technologies 6530 LC/QTOF)
Triple quadrupole LC/MS system (Agilent Technologies 6420)
Triple quadrupole LC/MS system (Agilent Technologies 6490)

Available Jet Stream, Electrospray and APCI ion sources

Liquid chromatography

Ultra HPLC systems (Agilent Technologies 1290 Series)
Fast HPLC systems (Agilent Technologies 1200 Series)
HPLC systems (Agilent Technologies 1100 Series)
Online enrichment via Flexible Cube (Agilent Technologies)

Available DAD-, FLD- and RI-detectors

Gas chromatography

Quadrupole GC/MS system (Agilent Technologies GC/MSD 7890A/5975C with Headspace Sampler)

Triple quadrupole GC/MS/MS system (Agilent Technologies GC/MS 7890B/7010B)

Available FID detectors

Other chromatography systems

Amino acid analyzer (Sykam S 433)
Ion chromatograph (Dionex ICS-6000)
Ion chromatograph (Dionex ICS-5000)
Ion chromatograph (Dionex Integrion)

Available conductivity, UV and electrochemical detectors

Elemental analysis

ICP-MS system (Agilent Technologies 7900 with ORS cell)
Atomic absorption spectrometer (Perkin-Elmer AAnalyst 400)


FT-IR spectrometer (Bruker Alpha) with ATR unit
Double-beam UV/Vis spectrophotometer (PerkinElmer Lambda 365)

Instrumentation for pharmaceutical analysis

Dissolution testing system (Sotax AT 7smart)
Tablet disintegration tester (Pharmatest PTZ-S)
Stereo microscope (Zeiss Stemi 2000-C)
Karl Fischer titrator (Metrohm Titrando 841 with 860 KF Thermoprep thermal sample preparation oven)
Constant climate chambers (Binder KBF 720)

Instrumentation for food analysis

Fully automated acid hydrolysis system for total fat determination (Gerhardt Hydrotherm)
Automatic Soxhlet extraction system (Gerhardt Soxtherm)

Instrumentation for environmental analysis

Total organic carbon analyzer (Shimadzu TOC-L with TNM-L unit)
AOX analyzer (Mitsubishi TOX-100)